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The Robopen transforms the incisioning process in hair transplant. It improves the control over the time-critical part of the procedure saving more time for the aesthetic planning.
First time ever; the surgeon is given precise control over linear motion, depth, force, speed, angle, and counting of the incisions.
It makes the process more comfortable for the physician and patient and brings a new dimension to the quality standards of hair transplantation. Automated precision is now at hand.



The ideal linear motions are refined from the imperfect and irregular movements of the wrist, elbow or shoulders and fatigue.
The perfectly linear cuts can be made and maintained effortlessly. Incision intersection under the skin, which causes tissue and vascular damage are prevented.



An aesthetic hair transplant result can only be achieved if the incisions are made in the right angles.
The Angle can be controlled through the Angle Indicators on the tip of the device.

Counting &


The surgery time is not only reduced by the overall advantages of the Robopen, but also due to its speed options. The user is able to choose from the speed options for the best comfort. Each incision is counted by the sensitive sensors automatically. Distraction and speed are not hindrances anymore to be able to know the exact number of incisions.



You can select between the Automatic Mode, Continue Mode, Manual Mode for the easiest use.
With the different operation modes you can trigger  an ongoing motion with a single press, or let the blade move one time forth and back with a single press or access the manual mode.


Force & Stroke

The harmony between the penetration force and stroke enables the required tissue separation with equal quality and uniform depth allowing more comfortable placement of the grafts.
Linear axis affected by hand fatigue or distractions are factors that may cause irregular depths with manual incisions. The Robopen makes the cuts at the desired depth each single time.
The regular linear axis makes parallel incisions, so that the incisions do not intersect and the blood circulation and subcutaneous revascularization is less damaged.

World’s First
Automated & Handheld
Hair Transplant Incision Device

All features and settings are
controllable by the menu on the
LCD screen

Navigation buttons to control LCD Screen

The plug-gable outer case and the
heat-resistant silicone keypad can be sterilised
in an autoclave

Fire button with the soft button technique

Disposable device protector

Angle indicator

Universal blade adapter
(Custom cut blades,
Sapphire blades,
Hypodermic needles)

The design of the Robopen is inspired by previous usage habits.
The device is produced with compatible adapters for those who have the habit of making incisions
with different instruments such as slit, sapphire or needles.
The soft button technique enables the smooth launching
or cessation and minimises fatigue of your fingers even after a long treatment.
All features of the Robopen can be controlled by the LCD screen.
The menu provides settings that can be adjusted and configured by the user.
The batteries can be quickly changed during the surgery, which makes
the process totally wireless.
Navigator bottoms
The protractor on the Distance Holder of the device helps the surgeon
by showing the angles that the surgeon can use as a reference during the surgery.
The gaiter piece protects the device from contiguity.
The Robopen guarantees a sterile use for every patient with
the disposable parts that come into contact with the skin.
While the palm-friendly design, the right weight and surface
makes the incisioning process more comfortable, allowing you to
create aesthetic hair transplant results adequately.
The plug-gable outer case is made of lightweight aluminium
alloy and the heat-resistant silicone keypad can be sterilised in an autoclave.

Incision &


The physician can use exactly the same incision
pattern thats used in the past.
Sagittal or Coronal use is possible. 


Dr. Levent Acar

Dr. Levent Acar is the inventor and developer of the patented medical device Robopen. Dr. Acar is dedicated to providing patients with the most effective hair restorations, with minimally invasive approaches and advanced techniques. He follows innovations and developments in the hair transplant field closely. He engages in all top-level congresses and seminars around the globe.

Compatibility &


The design of the Robopen is inspired by previous usage habits. The device is produced with compatible adapters for those who have the habit of making incisions with different instruments such as slit, sapphire or needles.
The pluggable outer case is made of lightweight aluminum alloy and the silicone keypad can be sterilized with special solutions. It guarantees a sterile use for every patient with the disposable parts that come into contact with the skin.



The Robopen, as the first incision device in hair transplantation, is one of its  kind. It is patented by Dr. Levent Acar, and has been developed and produced by well-respected German engineering companies with half a century experience in medical technology.
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